About My Business

For 25 years now i have been a War gamer, Painter, and amateur
sculptor and have covered a vast range of Gaming Systems, scales and
settings from barbarians to Sci-fi.

In virtually every game and era I have played or painted I always manage
to think of stuff I would like to see and have tried to build my own

Lately I have really taken to 20mm scale and am playing Sci-fi war games
only, but have found the Sci-fi range of 20mm to be very sparse and
limited, and this is how K-Kraft miniatures was born.

I am the sole proprietor of K-Kraft Miniatures which means I do all the
production, sales, accounts, etc but I hope the outcome is to produce
some good quality miniatures that give War gamers some excellent
figures to paint and use in their games.

Kurt Causer (proprietor)
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